Functional fit

Gone are the times of heavy arms and unbalanced bodies. Comes the 21st Century, where performance is the only standard. Presenting you CrossFit, an amalgamation of gymnastics, weightlifting and running. Taking the fitness scene to a whole new level.

With this new wave of fitness gripping us, Atmosphere’s CrossFit section is sure to surprise you. Flipping truck tires, testing oneself with the battle rope drills, pushing the sled on a 10-meter-long grass strip or negotiating with the massive 8 feet Octagonal CrossFit rig installed in our facility— the aim is not to be intimidated, but to conquer it!

It is a test of nerves with high intensity workouts in small periods of time. Highest levels of commitment required to push the results even further. Lesser periods of time required as compared to the other methods of training, it results in sensational changes in the fitness levels.

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