By now we’re sure you know already but let’s set it straight again; breathing is essential, like really crucial, especially during workout routines. Usually during intense workout sessions in gyms in Karachi people forget to breathe, and hear us out.

When we say ‘forget to breath’ we don’t mean they stop breathing or something, we mean they’re not breathing adequately which makes them run out of breath quite often. Vigorous movements require a constant intake of oxygen for proper body functioning.

Oxygen could be considered fuel for the body however the constant intake of oxygen during workouts doesn’t mean wheezing like anything, it means mastering breath-work. Being one of the most efficient working gyms in Karachi; Atmosphere is here to walk you through proper breathing techniques to get command over controlled intake of oxygen that balances with the body’s movements.

  • What is Breath-Work?

Breathing is something your body does on autopilot but to precisely use techniques to control breathing for better functioning is known as breath-work. Structured breathing exercises and techniques make the body actually enjoy gym workouts and flow into vigorous movements much easier.

Proper breath work not only will help one through tough gym routines but also reduce overall stress levels while improving their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

  • How does Breath-Work work?

Breath Work comes easy to one since breathing is something our body knows already but while learning breath work one’s breathing can be adjusted based on a variety of conditions and for specific needs. Practicing breath-work translates into one getting a hold on regulating the respiratory process to the activity level at any time, whether it’s laying back and relaxing or thirty minutes into a serious cardio session.

  • Breathing Techniques:

Four square breathing: this breathing technique allows one to get rid of stale Carbon dioxide from the lungs. All you have to do is inhale for four counts, hold it in for four counts, and then again hold your breath for four counts while working out.

Increased count-paced breathing: this technique is to stretch your diaphragm and increase your lung volume over time. Start by inhaling to the count of four and then exhale for four counts as well. Repeat, but raise the duration of your breath to five seconds. It’s okay to start with a goal of 15 seconds; inhale and exhale for a particular set time duration, then work your way up.

Three to One breathing: this one is great to increase oxygen perfusion into the bloodstream and dump that CO2 fast with this breathing exercise during the workout. It starts by inhaling for three full counts then exhaling quickly in one count. It can be performed while doing a cardio workout for added impact.

Atmosphere is one of the best gyms in Karachi, stocked fully with professional quality gym equipment and fitness facilities that help you gym to perfection. We, at Atmosphere, also have trainers who not only help you with your gym routines but also walk you through practicing breath-work to perfection.

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