Have you ever wondered why people get sold on the idea of group workouts AKA gym classes? When thinking about it, does this not rather sound awkward? Sweating away with a bunch of strangers? It sounds downright yukky… embarrassing… and whatnot.

On the other hand, group workout classes are a thing. People prefer group workouts over alone workouts. This said, remember the group studies we used to have? We all know it used to be more fun and less of studies but then, we always ended up learning a thing or two from someone expert in a particular area. Also, many of us would walk away with about of motivation because some of the group mates were ahead of us in exam preparations and it gave us nervous attacks. Group workouts are just like group studies—for unfit grownups.

Now, let us talk about some benefits of group workouts.

Health benefits: 

Group workouts have significant health benefits. It is said that positive energy around us impacts us. A study shows that participants of group workouts absorb positive energy from people around them—their group mates.

Another study shows that overweight people tend to lose weight faster when surrounded by friends and partners that are fit.

Group workouts strengthen your commitment to the journey of getting fit.

Group workouts not only help you shed off those extra pounds and tone up your body but they help in improved conversation, commitment, consistency, motivation, and inspiration. It is undeniable that group workouts come with peer pressure to show up at the committed time. It also helps in annihilating any chances of no-shows and skipping workout routines.

A study shows that 95 percent of people who started the workout routine with a group of friends stuck to it and finished it.

Group workouts help you push harder to achieve your goal.

No one likes to be the weakest link in a group—this is better known as the Kohler effect. Any individual is psychologically forced to work competently with his group mates. It is a fact that when you are on the verge of giving up and see your peer putting in extra effort, you will push yourself harder.

A study also shows that working out with a partner significantly improves the time spent working out.

Group workouts help you get a competitive edge.

Researchers claim that when someone works out with a group of people who are doing better, the intensity and timings improve by 200 percent.

Wow—isn’t this good enough for a bout of motivation? Group workouts can lead to positive competitiveness. It helps you push yourself harder. When you are on the verge of giving up, you look at your group mates and think if it is doable for them, why not me? And this is what keeps one pushing hard.

Hello, endorphins—make the most of them through group workouts.

Have you heard about runner’s high? Well, it is the endorphins that are released after a workout. Now imagine yourself working out with a bunch of your favorite people. You will naturally smile and this will boost your mood. These endorphins and mood boosts will leave you energized and motivated to achieve your goal.

A study shows that people who worked out in a group enjoyed their sessions more than the ones who did it alone.

Add oomph to your workouts—group workouts

Workouts can get boring. Who wants to show up to do all the same stuff every day? Well, with a group, you can come up with different workout ideas. More the merrier. More brains more ideas. Another plus with group workouts is that you can do a lot of workout routines that are not possible to do solo.

And yes, did we tell you group workouts cost less with regards to the trainer’s fee as compared to solo training?

Take away

By now, you must be imagining yourself clad in gym gear and working out with a group. If you want one of the best trainer’s experiences and a top-notch gym environment, visit ATMOSPHERE!

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