For long, strength training has been synonymous to virility. It is much more than that. Strengthening up those muscles is also very essential in order to optimize your daily performance as well as playing any sport.

If you’re looking for a body that has a solid foundation, your answer lies in strength training. With our strength area solidly furnished with the state of the art Lifefitness and Hammer Strength equipment, your muscles crave out to be tested out on these beasts. Each day, it inspires you to do better and beat the number of reps from yesterday.

A Strong core, powerful arms and defined legs make for a more stabilized and a balanced body. With every rep being accounted for by our machines, it is unlikely that you go out without a proper workout. Match your strong mind to the body to make it so. If you want to define the contours of your body, put those plates to the bars.

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