Gym is really not all about posting mirror selfies or reaching the society status of goals, gym is about struggle, fit is a new fresh thing, but it’s a prevalent issue to achieve and maintain fitness, because most of us tend to drop off the line from time to time. That’s why fitness enthusiasts like us need expert assistance to remain focused and motivated.

There’s a popular, “waking” story about why more individuals are obese than ever and a fitness sector is failing in chronically bad health – the fitness sector has failed to save us from itself. I would claim that it’s actually better than ever, generally, as terrible as many parts of the fitness sector are. More training alternatives are available, from the mildest to the most extreme, more learning avenues, better science, more excellent training videos, more highly skilled professionals providing excellent guidance, and more emphasis is placed on relationships and customer-driven interaction.

Atmosphere is proud to be one of the growing fitness sectors, which always strives to give our best to our customers and help our youth and adults to be fitter and healthier with every passing day.

The gym is somewhere you can go forget what you’re doing for a living for an hour, what you’re doing on a regular basis. Gymnasium is not just for too fat or too thin, it is a place where anyone can go irrespective of age, gender etc.

Atmosphere promises to make you better with each passing day because we believe that fitness is neither an achievement nor a benchmark, it is a struggle to evolve, and for that you need a seminary, a training ground, an atmosphere.
We provide you with extraordinary trainers, and an 11,000 square feet of gym floor for you to train on, along with different kind of packages from which you can decide what your body need and if you can’t, we will help you know your physical strength better.

Taking Fitness to Another Level

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  • Male Mon – Sun: 7:00am to 10:00pm
  • Female Mon – Sat: 7:00am to 09:00pm
  • Female Sun: 10:00am to 05:00pm

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Address: Al Nadi Al Burhani Academy, Old Queens Road, Karachi, Pakistan
Phone: +92 21 324 00201