The Best Gym in Karachi for Females

It’s a much-needed step in the right direction that women in our part of the world have finally begun to make their health a priority. And its not just young girls who are seen going for a jog in the mornings, a walk in the evening or joining a fitness group. In fact young and old–twenty somethings to married women, middle aged and older women–are seen dedicating a part of their day to wellness and fitness. Many do it to appear slim and trim while others want to be active, feel light or just feel good about themselves. A majority wish to ward off diseases which might come in the wake of obesity.

Even though a jog or walk in a neighborhood park or club may sound convenient yet, it comes with its set of complications including privacy and security. This is the reason why women prefer gyms which have dedicated times for just them complete with female instructors.

Atmosphere Gym located on Queens Road, Karachi, is a state-of-the-art gym and lifestyle fitness facility, exclusively for women. The Atmosphere Women’s Fitness Facility is part of the combined gym spread over an area of 20,000 sq.ft making it the largest in Karachi.

Women are the ultimate multi taskers and that is why they need to remain fit and alert so they can be tireless home makers and dedicated career women without compromising on any of their responsibilities. The fitness programs at Atmosphere Gym are designed help a woman feel empowered enough so that if the time comes she may be able to defend herself and her loved ones. The work outs inspire her mind and soul helping her be the nurturer she has been created to be.

female gym in Karachi

The panel of female fitness experts and professional trainers including a lady doctor, a physiotherapist and a nutritionist, make Atmosphere Gym truly unique. Together they help clients work around their physical constraints and push them beyond their limits through a combination of physical fitness, mental health and nutrition. This is done using cutting edge training equipment targeting Strength, Cardio, HIIT, Functional Fit and Aerobics and a sprawling studio for group classes and fitness events.

If you are looking for the best gym for females in Karachi then your search has ended on Atmosphere Gym. Visit our website or drop in at the premises on Old Queens Road, Karachi to restart the rest of your life.

Opening Hours

  • Male Mon – Sun: 7:00am to 10:00pm
  • Female Mon – Sat: 7:00am to 09:00pm
  • Female Sun: 10:00am to 05:00pm

Contact Info

Address: Al Nadi Al Burhani Academy, Old Queens Road, Karachi, Pakistan
Phone: +92 21 324 00201