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Saud Ashraf

Trainer Profile Qualification IFA certified IFPA LEVEL 3 certified (European REPS) Specialities Strength and conditioning coach Expert in Fat loss training Ideology My overall goal includes not only teaching the clients, but providing them with the encouragement and motivation to stick with their programs as to achieve their fitness objectives.

Kumail Abbas

Raja Faizan Ahmed

Trainer Profile Certification IFA certified IFPA LEVEL 3 certified (European REPS) Lower limbs Sports Rehab workshops Nutrition Workshops Specialities Fat loss expert CrossFit Functional Training Strength Training Ideology My goal is to help my clients in achieving their goals by maintaining all fitness components under observation. I believe in functional fitness and raw strength which … Continue reading Raja Faizan Ahmed


Trainer Profile Certification ISSA (USA) Level 3 Certified Specialities Certified personal trainer Group fitness trainer Hypertrophy and fat-loss expert Sports nutritionist Transformation Expert Ideology Fitness Advocate , enthusiastic to educate people about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Have successfully transformed numerous individuals' lives. Love to inspire others, educate them , help them set and … Continue reading Aurenzaib

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