What Causes Anxiety in Group Fitness Classes?

Many people experience anxiety while beginning a new fitness class or joining a gym. One may encounter stress in a group fitness class for a variety of reasons, including

  • You are a beginner:

 According to research, anxiety frequently stems from dread of uncertainty. If you’re a new student, you could feel frightened by the unfamiliar, such as not knowing the exercises and worrying that you’ll do them wrong in front of other people.

  • You’ve enrolled in a new class:

 Even if you are accustomed to working out in a group situation, anxiety can still arise from a change in location and companions.

  • You’re worried about changing in front of others:

Some people may feel awkward changing their clothes in front of others due to physical issues or self-consciousness. Even specific skin-tight fitness attire can be distressing.

  • Your class is crowded:

Those with social anxiety may wish to stay away from busy areas. And according to a study, COVID-19 may have scared many people.

What goes into Preparing to Join a Group Fitness Class?

Getting ready for your first group fitness class might be intimidating, especially if you’re new to the gym or uncomfortable working out in front of others. So how can you ensure that your first experience taking a class with other people goes smoothly?

  • Show Up Early

It’s a good idea to show up early for your first fitness session to get a sense of the setting, the instructor, and the other members.

Getting there early also gives you time to mentally and physically prepare. Give yourself some time to prepare yourself mentally before getting started. You’ll feel more assured when exercising in a group situation if you spend a few minutes doing deep breathing exercises or mentally preparing.

  •  Do Your Research

It will be helpful for you to review the details of the class that you are wanting to attend before booking it unless you’re open to taking any type of fitness class. Calling the studio is usually a good idea if you need any clarification or have any questions. This is a practical approach to get a sense of the workout before entering the gym.

  • Wear Comfortable Clothes

It’s important to choose clothing that will make you feel at ease and allow you to move freely when getting ready for your first group exercise class.

  • Stay Hydrated

Bring a full bottle of water with you to the class so that you can stay hydrated. In addition to controlling your body’s temperature and safeguarding important organs, water also hydrates you, which is essential for your health.

Tips for Staying Comfortable When Working Out in a Group Setting


  • Make Friends with The Front Desk Staff

Have you ever felt a little envious of the friendly nods that other gym regulars exchange when they arrive? Don’t worry; as you begin coming in more frequently, other exercisers will probably begin approving of you as well. Remember to appreciate the influence a warm welcome from the front desk staff can have in the time though.

  • Enlist A Buddy

Make sure you bring a friend! You feel at ease and confident when you have someone beside you. You could perhaps choose a fresh classmate with whom you can enjoy.

  •  Buy New Workout Wear

If it fits in your budget, think about purchasing new gym attire that makes you feel confident. Choose something that feels nice and works well, whether you decide to buy silky workout shorts or body-slimming yoga trousers.

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  1. Are group fitness classes more convenient?

There are a lot of benefits to taking a group fitness class. It can help you develop defined timetables and accountability, improve your social health, get support and inspiration, and boost your confidence.

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