Fitness is never related to weight loss, exercising never means bulking up and fitness group sessions don’t translate to awkwardness. The whole idea of working out, exercising and Group fitness classes is to keep your body healthy, physically fit and active.

Exercising is a means to feel good, be good and look good for ourselves. Keeping ourselves physically healthy depends a lot on a good diet and including physical activities in our routine. It is recommended for adults between age 18-64 to at least give 150 minutes every week to moderate aerobic exercises or 75 minutes to vigorous exercises.

For women, with how they multi-task everything in life; juggling house chores, raising kids, studies even, working along as well. With all this women already have little to no me time or social life so adding fitness classes to the list may seem like one more chore added but what if you socialize, have me time and workout as well.

It may seem unreal to have all of it in one option but that is exactly what happens when women join Best Group Fitness Classes In Karachi in their ladies gym; they enjoy me time working on a healthier version of their body, socializing with other women making new friends and having a blast instead of a boring, hectic fitness session.

Still having doubts about joining the group fitness sessions for women at Atmosphere’s ladies gym, well then here are a few benefits of group fitness classes to help you change your mind:

  • Finding motivation and inspiration: the best way to get yourself pumped up and charged for that one last bench press or that one last rep is to have people around you to cheer for you. When you have company with you, working out doesn’t seem too painful and the company keeps you motivated to move further.
  • Be part of a community: working out in fitness classes at Atmosphere’s ladies gym with a group of women helps you be part of the community, get more social. It gets you involved in different activities and lets you to know new friends; socialize much.
  • Add variety to your workout: doing the same exercises, working out on the same routine bores you and hinders your result. The whole same work out is slowing down the process so having a group session with variety of group exercises and change of routines helps maintain the interest.
  • Hold yourself accountable: fitness class in group sessions teach you to hold yourself accountable. The feeling of procrastination starts to fade away and exercising is something you start looking forward to.
  • Work with a professional: working out alone without professional can lead to wrong choice of exercises, potential injuries and a lot more damage but fitness classes at Atmosphere’s ladies gym lend you a golden chance to work on yourself with professional and motivators as well.

Atmosphere welcomes all women to its ladies gym in Karachi for spectacular group fitness sessions. Dare to work on yourself towards a healthier feeling, healthier looking body and lots of socializing with Atmosphere’s fitness classes in its well-equipped ladies gym.

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  • Female Sun: 10:00am to 05:00pm

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